Ferritex was founded as a subsidiary company of joint-stock company «Zavod Magneton». Ferritex is acting as Magenton external marketing force and responsible for promoting Magneton products on global market and developing customer based relations and networks. Press release in "Delovoy Peterburg"

What Magneton is?

Magneton is one of the leading companies at high-technology industry in Saint-Petersburg with high level of science-based skills and quality system that means high level of product quality. Magneton is a manufacturer of different kinds of magnetic materials: soft-magnetic and microwave ferrites including related parts. Detailed information about Magneton

What is the reason to establish Ferritex?

Up to the recent time Magneton has been just a continuos supplier for the aerospace and defense industries. World as well as market is constantly changing. Realities of nowadays show that the only way to growth and prosperity is to search proactively for new ways of business development. That was the reason led to decision to organize effective marketing structure, and Ferritex was such a solution.


Because of relation structure Magneton and Ferritex missions can not be split up into separated parts: we combine our force in order to gain common advantage. We see our mission in this way:

- to be the honorable supplier for the RF & Microwave market with high quality products at a competitive price delivered in a timely manner;

- to conduct business responsibly to earn an adequate profit, balanced with long-term growth, benefiting shareholders, and fulfilling commitment to the community.

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