Magneton core competence is science-based strong R&D department that along with efficient production facilities and well-established quality system control allow Magneton to design and produce up-to-date products of high quality.

Microwave ferrite materials is our core product. In addition we have the following related technologies:

- ferrite substrates sputter coating with chrome, cooper;

- ferrite substrates electroplated coating with nickel, gold;

- ferrite substrates etching.

Magneton also can produce microwave ferrite assemblies, microwave ICís on the base of MW ferrites as well as MW devices of drop-in, microstrip and waveguide types.

Microwave ferrite materials and related parts are unique for any specific application. We courage our customers to talk to us about their specific needs. It allows us to benefit you with the best solution. All what you need if contact us for the first time is to send us your detailed questions about product you are interested in.

You can find standard design product description. If standard design is not that that you exactly need, we could easily modify it in accordance with your specification. Letís discuss. And we will offer you really competitive prices!!!

In case of your interest in our products just send us your inquiry.

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